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Submaxillary gland surgery

Surgery is the treatment for all types of submaxillary gland tumors and recurrent stones or infections. This intervention is called submaxillectomy, and it is performed through a small incision, about 3-4 cm in the upper part of the neck and consists of carefully separating the gland from the adjacent tissues, taking special care of the nerves that surround it: the marginal branch of the facial nerve, the hypoglossal nerve, and the lingual nerve.

Thyroid gland surgery

This intervention is called thyroidectomy and it is performed when there is any of the first two pathologies mentioned above, or if the benign nodule is large or everything indicates that it can continue to grow. It is also a treatment option for hyperthyroidism, large and multinodular goiters, and for any goiter that is causing symptoms.

Depending on the affectation, a total thyroidectomy (includes both lobes) or hemithyroidectomy (only one lobe) can be performed. The surgery is performed with the vocal cord nerve monitor, as it is in close contact with the thyroid gland.

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