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Articular Clinic

Stem cells regenerate all cells in the body and increase collagen formation.  


The use of stem cells in joints is highly indicated in people who have osteoarthritis problems or joint injuries due to sports.  

Stem cells regenerate all cells in the body and increase collagen formation.  Joints are made up of cartilage and collagen cartilage, therefore, joints are regenerated, improving their mobility, function and lubrication.

In this section we do not deal with arthritis, since this is a systemic disease that involves several joints.

We focus on the intra-articular application of living stem mesenchymal stem cells in doses that vary from 25 to 100 million, depending on the degree of affection of the joint to be treated.

If you ask us why intra-articularly, it is because the cartilage is nourished by diffusion, which means that it is nourished by the oxygen and food that is in the synovial fluid, it does not have blood vessels.  For this reason it is necessary to administer stem cells by arthrocentesis, directly inside the joint, supplemented with our innovative and patented protocol that consists of using a drug so that the cells remain in the joint and increase the supply of oxygen, so that the damaged cartilage cells are regenerated and the synthesis of new collagen is encouraged (the material from which cartilage is made)


With this protocol we managed to regenerate the joints. !!

Studies have shown, particularly in knees, that after 6 months the articular surface of the femur and tibia has regenerated, increasing the thickness of the menisci and repairing ligaments.  This has been documented with magnetic resonance imaging and arthroscopy. 



The percentage of regeneration when using our therapies is from 0% onwards, the response varies from patient to patient. All application of treatment is prior signed informed consent, according to the official Mexican health standard in force.

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