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The luxurious environment provided by the SPA capsule is one of the most effective and pleasant body therapies with a wide variety of treatments such as weight reduction, among others.

It stimulates the burning of calories and stabilizes the metabolism. Stimulates the resources of our body to naturally improve our health and beauty which leads to greater health, stress reduction, weight control, relaxation through massage, revitalizing physical therapy, skin therapy, rehabilitation, body cleansing and detoxification. along with other treatments that benefit the functioning of the body.

The three main areas it covers are:

Weight reduction and detox

Body treatments (body wrap and relieves muscle aches)

Relaxation and stress reduction.



Increases weight loss and improves cellulite.

Burns calories equivalent to brisk walking burning.

Increases metabolic rate, improves internal balance and body balance.

Promotes sweating and detoxification.

Improves cardiovascular efficiency.

Lymphatic flow increases.

air conditioning increases the heart rate, the plasma in the blood and allows a balance of salts.

Relieves stress-related disorders.

Improves vital energy.

Conditions and moisturizes the skin.

Improve sleep.

Improves the immune system.

Promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.

It can be used in smoking cessation programs as a supplement.

Promotes the reduction of muscle and bone system problems.

Reduces water retention.

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