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What is septumplastia?

It is the surgery that aims to restore nasal ventilation when the obstructive problem is due to deviations of the septum or nasal septum.

What is the nasal septum or septum? 

The nose is divided into two nostrils by a "septum wall" made up of bone and cartilage.

It is made up of the quadrangular or septal cartilage, the vomer bone and the perpendicular lamina of the ethmoid bone.

Why is the septum deviating?

Septal deviations are mainly due to trauma, but also to congenital asymmetries or malformations.

Trauma can occur at any stage of life, including labor at birth. Sometimes the trauma occurs early in life and the patient (nor the parents) have no memory of the blow, because it does not necessarily have to be a very high-impact trauma to produce a small injury, which will only become evident when growing up .

Fractures that occur in childhood then produce asymmetric growth with or without deviation of the nasal pyramid.

The bumps that occur once the growth stage is over usually produce more stable deviations over time.

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