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Otolaryngology is the medical specialty responsible for pathologies of the ear, nose and throat. It takes care of important aspects for our daily life such as speech, hearing, breathing and balance.

It is treated through medications, rehabilitation or surgical interventions depending on the case. His surgeries are characterized by being short and frequently outpatient.

What are your symptoms?

  • Not hearing clearly or distinguishing words well in daily life, in noisy environments, or in telephone conversations.

  • Hearing internal noises such as beeping, buzzing, clicking, or throbbing.

  • Pain or discharge from the ears.

  • Sensation of pressure in the ears.

  • Difficulty equalizing the pressure in the ears after a plane trip, climbing a mountain pass or diving.

  • Dryness or bleeding from the nose.

  • Excessive mucus production

  • Difficulty breathing through the nose.

  • Catarrh, pharyngitis or recurrent tonsillitis.

  • Snoring at night.

  • Take breathing pauses during snoring.

  • Changes in the voice or habitual hoarseness or after speaking for long periods of time.

  • Difficulty to swallow.

  • Vertigo, dizziness and imbalance.

  • Appearance of lumps in the neck.

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